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Terms and Conditions

  1. The following terms and conditions apply to all classified advertisements booked online via http://www.bernama.com.

  2. While every care will be exercised, BERNAMA shall not be responsible for any claims, actions, suits, demands, losses, expenses, or damages directly or indirectly arising from displaying or failure to display the said advertisement.

  3. BERNAMA shall be indemnified against all claims, actions, suits, demands losses, costs and expenses in respect of any advertisement displayed under instructions from an individual/advertiser or his businesses.

  4. BERNAMA reserves the right to amend, omit, reschedule, suspend or reclassify an advertisement notwithstanding the acceptance of payment (if any). BERNAMA reserves the right to accept or reject the intended advertisement.

  5. Every endeavour will be made to adhere to the dates of insertion as specified but BERNAMA reserves the right to withhold the advertisement(s) without prior reference to the individual/advertiser or its agent and BERNAMA shall not be liable for any loss occasioned by the failure of any advertisement to appear due to any cause whatsoever.

  6. Errors made by BERNAMA must be brought to its notice on the day of display, otherwise, complaints will not be entertained. In the event of complaints being brought to its attention and it is due to BERNAMA's error, BERNAMA shall be entitled at its absolute discretion to decide on the next course of action. If the complaints made are due to the individual/ advertiser's error or wrong information given by the advertiser, any corrective or rerun advertisements to be displayed shall be at the discretion of BERNAMA and at the individual/ advertiser's costs. The individual/ advertiser shall have no other claim against BERNAMA howsoever or whatsoever arising.

  7. Advertisement should be legible, decent, honest and truthful. They should not be fraudulent, inaccurate, defamatory, scandalous, obscene, improper or of such nature which contravenes any laws, rules or government regulations or subject BERNAMA to any action, proceedings or demands from any persons by virtue of the advertisements.

  8. All advertisements are free of charge for the first three-month period.

  9. The text content must be in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

  10. For amendments / cancellations of advertisements / amendment of dates of insertion, please email to us at project@bernama.com . Please quote your advertisement number.

  11. Advertisements will only be displayed on the website after three (working) days of placing the order.

  12. The individual/ advertisers hereby undertake to indemnify and hold harmless BERNAMA against any liability, costs (including legal costs), claims or damages incurred by BERNAMA in any action by any third party against BERNAMA for the infringement (if any) of copyright, patent, registered trademark or design or other intellectual property rights or any other party.

  13. The individual/ advertiser or its agent submitting the advertisement shall indemnify BERNAMA in respect of costs, damages or other charges falling upon BERNAMA as a result of legal actions or threatened legal actions arising from the displaying of the advertisement in accordance with the copy or other instructions supplied to BERNAMA by the individual/ advertisers or its agents or in accordance with the terms herein or arising from any breach of any of the obligations, terms and conditions contained herein.

  14. The placing of an order will be deemed an acceptance of these conditions.
  15. Note: If you need more information on the above, please e-mail your queries to project@bernama.com.

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